Kerrisdale Lawn Bowling Club

Seeking new members!

Hello, I’m Jack High and I am a fanatical Lawn Bowler, not very good yet but improving all the time and I am hooked!

I joined Kerrisdale Lawn Bowling Club last season and discovered that bowls is great fun. It is a sport I can play without discomfort, which is fantastic for a person of my age as I can no longer compete in other sports at the level I once could.                                                              

My new sport lets me play at a social level with new found friends, but I can also play more competitively and even enter into Provincial tournaments, if I wish, as I improve.

Bowls isn’t just for men or the elderly, everyone can play. It can be a game for life. We have members as young as 12 and as old as 90 and our ladies can be as competitive as our men.

But not everyone wants to be highly competitive so the Club hosts several weekly social games. What can beat turning up at the club on a bright summer’s day, playing a few ends of fun bowls and then sitting on the deck chatting with friendly like-minded people and enjoying a beverage? Some look on this as heaven.

Interclub Tournaments are held on most weekends throughout the summer and last weekend I had the time of my life. My team played in our first interclub event. This was Mixed Triples, comprising both men and women, for 16 teams from Vancouver and District. We were nervous, wondering if we were good enough to compete, but everyone was extremely friendly and we felt welcome. We played 4 short games and actually managed to win two of them!

Different clubs host different tournaments through the year. Some for Men, some for Women and some Mixed. Some are for teams of two players, some for three and some for four players.

Kerrisdale LBC hosts a number of interclub events and sometimes it is just as much fun to help with the organising and running the event as it is playing. They host the regular weekly Elm Park Triples (for teams of 3 players) on Tuesday mornings and three other one-day events, the Diamond Doubles (Mixed Pairs), the Norine Armstrong (Ladies Triples) and Fletcher/Folz (Men’s Triples).

I have got to know a variety of people at the club. Last month I was talking to Pricilla who plays on the Canadian team and competed in the 2018 Commonwealth Games, finishing fourth. She is young enough to be my granddaughter but lawn bowling has already taken her all over the world, to Australia, California and many other places. We also have a group of curlers who lawn bowl during the summer and who are a regular part of our weekday social bowling scene.

So what can I say? I took the step of trying a new sport and discovered a completely new and thoroughly exciting side to my life. I have absolutely no regrets. If you are looking for something new, active but not physically taxing, I recommend that you contact Kerrisdale Lawn Bowling Club by visiting their website at or sending an email to and arrange to come along and try the game to see if it suits you.

We have an Open Day on Saturday May 9, 2020 between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm, weather permitting, and we really look forward to seeing you then.